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  Start Your Email Marketing Today

Send email blasts to your potential customers fast & easy.

Dramatically Increase Traffic to your Web site,

Generate leads based on customer selections.

You can send html messages or plain text with or without an attachment. Each message sent includes a link that will automatically unsubscribe a contact from the list.

Add the join our mailing list form  for you web site where folks can enroll automatically in one or more of your lists.

The manager  allows you to maintain your contacts and lists. You can add or edit a contact, create new lists, import contacts to lists , import documents and create and send messages.  The Manager also offers reports detailing clicks on links in your messages.

Includes a custom html email template with a graphic header. For a little more it could look  just like your website. (no flash)

  Create & Send Html or Text Messages

Create and Manage Emailing Lists

Import Existing Mailing Lists

A Join Mailing list form on your web site

Automated Subscribe and un-Subscribe

Import documents to send as attachments

View the clicks on your messages

We can also send the mailings for you

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